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Welcome to Eden In The Smokies!

Welcome to Eden In The Smokies!

We are anxious for you to spend some memorable moments here with people who are special in your life. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the surrounding areas have always been a magical sanctuary for us. The first weekend we ever spent together was in Gatlinburg in a cozy cabin during the Thanksgiving holidays in November of 1980. It even snowed! We were in heaven and fell in love with each other and the eastern Tennessee region forever.
After marrying on October 11, 1981, we found that returning to the Smokies each year for our wedding anniversary was a time of renewal for us and our relationship. Hiking is one of our favorite pastimes and we have many favorite trails that we return to visit year after year. The Abram’s Falls Trail is found along the Cades Cove Road and is a moderately strenuous hike to a lovely waterfall. It is particularly beautiful after a rainfall or in the spring when the melting snow fills it to capacity. Mount LeConte Lodge is located on the top of Mount LeConte and is a lodge without running water or electricity. It’s really fun to hike to the Lodge via the Alum Cave Bluff Trail for the 10+ mile round-trip hike just to see it- we have never spent the night. Reservations are usually booked a year in advance. The food and supplies are taken up to the lodge by llamas and the staff prepares meals on a woodstove. On a lucky day you can encounter the llamas at the lodge; we’ve been lucky twice. There are books located in the cabins which detail most of the trails in the Park. We also love to drive the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, which starts at the end of Cherokee Orchard Road (Turn at traffic light #8 in Downtown Gatlinburg and follow the signs.) It is a six-mile long, narrow, steep, one-way road with stunning vistas and interesting structures to explore. Of course, you will have your own treasured memories and favorite pastimes, too. Please come back and visit us again and again.
Our first cabin, Almost Eden, which was completed on October 9, 2001, just two days before our 20th Wedding Anniversary, was designed and built for romance. Whether young or old, romance helps make life complete and helps us get through the hard and stressful times that we all face. Our second cabin, Eden’s Promise, was completed on March 30, 2007, and is larger so you can share the mountain experience with more of your loved ones. As strengthening the bonds of marriage through romance is our ambition with Almost Eden, we are now hoping to help families and friends strengthen their bonds with each other without distraction in Eden’s Promise.
Don’t hesitate to contact us and please leave us a souvenir of your visit by making an entry in this guest book. We want you to have a wonderful visit!

Joel and Catherine Tanner

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